I used the link bluechew.gift to get a free sample of their 1-month plan, and a few days later a pouch of 6 bluechew arrived in my mailbox. 

In this post, I will explain how the entire process worked for me. You’ll learn exactly what you should expect if you decide to get their free trial.

How to Use the Bluechew Promo Code

After using the coupon code link I had to make an account on the bluechew website.  They require you to get approved by a real doctor so that you are not at risk for side effects before they send you a free bluechew sample.

Since my residence is in the state of Illinois, I had to complete a televisit or a face-to-face online call. I’ll admit to feeling intimidated about my first time. So, I picked up the telephone and called the Bluechew customer care center at 1-888-366-BLUE (2583) to calm my nerves. I spoke with a helpful rep who informed me of the details regarding the televisit process before it actually took place.

I had to upload my government ID (Passport, in my case) before it could start. Unfortunately, the parameters of my ID was unrecognizable, but I was able to proceed anyway. After the short manual inspection was complete, the website ran a connection test on my internet. That was followed by a 30+ second countdown and an additional minute till the doctor to pop up on the screen. 

At the start of the televisit, I had problems with my connection. When I exited and returned to the page, everything panned out. My physician was an American female (doctors have to be from your state) wearing blue scrubs. The bedroom or doctor’s office, I couldn’t tell the difference, had a Christmas ornament hanging on the cream colored wall.

She verified a couple of the answers printed on my medical form about my health. I was poor in health, on paper. I believe the reason for this classification is my lack of mindfully answering all the questions correctly. One of the questions asked how long it would take me to climb up two flights of stairs. I believe I put down 30 seconds. Realistically, it would take me less than 15 seconds – on a good day of clean eating and good hydration. I rearranged my answers a bit (don’t do this), and we concluded the televisit. I got approved later that day.

How the Bluechew Sample Is Shipped

Even though i used the code I still had to pay for shipping. My package shipped by UPS overnight and arrived the next business day after Christmas. The following are the possible shipping methods for the free samples:

  • USPS First Class – $5.95
  • USPS Priority – $7.95
  • UPS Overnight Next Day – $29.95

My Sildenafil Trial: Small Package

The number of pills that comes in the package depends on the type of prescription chosen. Tadalafil works slower than sildenafil, so there will be more of the first one than the second. 

I chose Sildenafil (a Viagra alternative) and got about 6 tablets. You can see my prescription in the photo above. The free samples arrived in a small package. It was small enough to fit in the mailbox. Yet, the delivery driver still rang my bell to meet me at the door for pickup. The package looked like anything could be inside. I sincerely appreciate how the contents are hidden.

The free sample has the name of the doctor who filled the prescription. It differed from the physician I spoke with during my online televisit. I will have to assume one doctor interviews you and then another approves the prescription. But, all the doctors involved with your prescription will have their names in emails or on the mailed paperwork.

How to Enter the BC Coupons & Promo Code for the Free Trial

Likely, any person who gives reviews about the benefits of taking Bluechew should have a particular link that holds the code for the discount. If you want my code for a complete free trial use ‘GOBLUE’. Bluechew will ask for the code on the last page of checkout. There will be a box before the credit card information section to apply the code. The retail price should delete upon submission. The only price that should remain is shipping.

Cancellations & Refund Policies to Prevent Another Charge After the Free Trial Expires

If you have determined that the bluechew trial is not for you, then you can cancel the subscription for a full refund using any of the three methods below.

Account – At the very top of Bluechew.com says Account that routes to your Membership page where “My Plan” is on the screen. Below Status is two blue buttons to Update Refill Status or Put On Hold. Select the reason to put on hold.

Emailsupport@bluechew.com is the contact email to the staff that will reply to cancel your order at any time. It’s recommended to please give them the last four digits of the card number used for the purchase, your name, birthday, email, and phone number – albeit this stuff might not be required.

Phone – Dial 1-888-366-BLUE (2583) to join a call with a customer service agent who will help with canceling your order in real time if you need this done immediately. 


  • The free samples were fulfilled, were a legit amount, and worked!
  • Shipping is the only pay out-of-pocket
  • You are not obligated to stay bound by the monthly subscription if Bluechew doesn’t work for you
  • Easy cancellation with an excellent refund policy if you notify them ASAP after getting the prescription


  • Does not have free shipping
  • Active plan free trial doses does not have enough pills (if you are an active doer sexing every day as I did in my prime, these pills are too short for one month)


  • Detailed prescription information with name, address, dose, doctor’s name and license, and warnings
  • Package with chewable tablets
  • Safety information packet
  • Thank You card

Summary: Is the Bluechew Free Sample Good?

Bluechew has fulfilled the deal for me with the free sample. I am pleased with my order. In my opinion, there should be more pills for the first month because six is not enough. But I trust that the doctors at Blue chew know what is best for me and my body.

Need more information to make a proper judgment? Check out a full Bluechew review that goes into greater detail about this erectile dysfunction solver. What you have just read is only the tip, but reading my bluechew review digs beneath the ice cap.