I decided to drop GetRoman because it did not meet my expectations. The main reason for this change of heart is that I found a new cowboy with a faster draw in town: Bluechew. I will break down and how and why GetRoman is now in my scrapbook.

Review of GetRoman Background

GetRoman is an online health clinic that sells male enhancement products. These could be for hair loss restoration, premature ejaculation, and ED, to name a few. The company is new birthed in 2017 by primary CEO Zachariah Reitano.


  • One-stop shop with a variety of health solutions for men
  • Products look good


  • Still charged for the consultation after the company claimed it would be free
  • Slow shipping speed
  • Expensive Pills

Things to consider before using Roman

The key question is do you need an erectile dysfunction pill in your life? Men who are approaching the age of 40 (5%) will start to experience erectile dysfunction. People like this might be the likely candidates who should start thinking about taking this stuff.

Why I disliked Roman Pharmacy

The spam emails are irritating

When I am conducting business, the last annoyance I need in my inbox is spam notification. Advertisements help a company reach potential customers. However, spamming is a redundant and uncalled for. I like to stay mindful of my work and only want notifications popping up about important things.

I quit in mid-application when I first applied to a GetRoman.com subscription. After, it seemed like every day GetRoman would email messages, such as ‘continue your sign up’,
, ‘get a $20 discount for the first month’, and ‘please, pick up where you left off.’ I found these messages annoying.

My testament: The ED pills did not work for me

My body is sensitive to the foods I eat and sexual stimulation. Those sensitivities decrease as I get older. I would search the internet for a solution. Get Roman was the batter-up to the plate, but it did not hit the ball out of the park for me. I am unfamiliar if my anatomical chemistry is different from most people who take ED pills. Or, the answer might be that Ro has adopted a watered-down formula. 

Check out this story. I called my mistress for our monthly rendezvous. She was happy to see to me and I was ecstatic to fuck her. We met at the Marriott in Virginia across the Key Bridge of Washington, DC. I had a planned business trip there to look at some properties in the area. Thus, I needed some entertainment for the night. 

I knew it would take about two hours for my companion to arrive from Dundalk, Maryland. So, I took a GetRoman erectile dysfunction pill two hours before the meeting with this stuff in mind. I changed plans and treated her to dinner at Blackwell in Alexandria when she arrived because Ro did not kick in at the hotel. On our way back to my hotel room for a nightcap, I was hoping GetRoman would kick in, but nothing happened. 

Now, I have a softie. She told me it was ok to make me feel better and would see me another time. Filled with pure disgust and utter dissatisfaction, I told her it was not ok. I kicked her a couple of bucks for her troubles. We parted ways. GetRoman would have been so useful at that time, but it failed miserably. 

On the flip side, when I took Bluechew next month upon changing my prescription, I had to sit on the bed with a rock the whole time until she arrived. I socked it to her like a pro and lasted the entire night. Can GetRoman enhance their formula to work like Bluechew? That would have made my night the first time around.

Nothing special meets the eyes with GetRoman

Ro is pretty redundant with the same phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors, such as sildenafil and tadalafil, found in almost every erectile dysfunction pills on the market. These ingredients are what made Cialis and Viagra as popular as they were. Yet, there is nothing special about them in GetRoman. The formula is the same. At least Bluechew seemed to enhance the recipe a bit in a  safe way to make it work better for me. That is the cushion that saved me that night.

Other Reviews of Get Roman



The Getroman discount is not really a discount

GetRoman charges way too much money for most things, excluding the shipping in my opinion.

Charged for the online health assessment – Most erectile dysfunction pharmacies send you an online health assessment to answer. Once completed, the online consultation is usually free. GetRoman, however, actually charges $15 for this consultation with one of their physicians, but the website will often have that price crossed out. It does not mean anything because I still for charged upfront before the consultation. Bluechew, on the other hand, does not charge a fee for the same type of consultation or the tele-visit from what I hear.  Plus there is a bluechew free sample available for the first order, too.

Expensive charges for low doses – GetRoman has treatments for as little as $2. But I would assume that no one wants to take only one or two pills to last the entire month. Active users need a frequency way higher than that with suitable doses that will last quarterly. When I ordered Bluechew I used promo codes that gave me a 100% discount on my order. My only question is, where are the legitimate GetRoman promo codes?

Shipping is free but took too long – GetRoman offers free shipping on all orders. That is only good if the people working there would ship the prescriptions on time. Mine took what seemed like forever to get to me. The promise of 2 days turned almost a week. After the fourth day, I started to wonder where is my package? After trying multiple times to contact someone, I was able to get a tracking number. Confirming my suspicions was a late shipment. The difference in Bluechew is that my prescription came the next day.

Infrequent credit card charges

My last $80 rested on my debit card to order pizza for a sibling returning from the army. The money disappeared the next day by a charge from GetRoman. I did not expect a fee at the time.

Never happened with Bluechew. The company only took the amount it claimed. There was even an emailed notification about this charge a couple of days before it happened. I was able to plan my finances around those charges. However, I got no notification from GetRoman.

Customer service experience with GetRoman 

Customer service is hard to contact at GetRoman. It has me questioning where the live agents are? If I have a pressing problem will GetRoman be there? Not knowing if a company has my back is un-motivating and risky. 

When I contacted Bluechew, however, I was envious about not having the time to prepare my call because I was on the phone with an agent within a minute. This type of readiness keeps clients like me confident that a company has our backs.

Getroman Review Final Verdict

GetRoman is a pass in my book because there are too many problems. It does not work for me. When I reviewed Bluechew, I recognized the differences and got results. That justifies my usage to this day.

My goal in this writing is to share this knowledge to help you avoid making the same mistakes as I had. No one wants to waste time taking a pill that does not work.

Maybe GetRoman will get their act together sometime in the future once they realize the dissatisfaction level some men experienced with Ro. Taking steps to provide better customer service and formula could make the company reach beyond their anticipations. Until then, problems will remain and persist. 

In no way am I throwing shade at GetRoman. My goal is to give constructive criticism. Try them for yourself if you do not believe me. 

If you hear me loud and clear, then Bluechew is the true testament in this case. It is an excellent alternative for what I think are dissatisfactory programs like the GetRoman subscription.  

Bluechew has the Viagra and Cialis alternatives sildenafil and tadalafil too. So the choice is obvious which to choose. I believe since GetRoman sells many products, its focus is not on ED care. Maybe they should change this.