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Patrick’s Pals

Ride For Supporting A Most Worthy Cause

We are a community of rider who have united to work together for a common cause. We ride to raise awareness and help the children in our society to fulfil their dreams and become as strong as we are when we are on the road. Our team of volunteers and special events are dedicated to providing the health and additional facilities to the children.

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Children Cancer Outcomes

Event Logistics

Check out our events and work sites around the country. We have travel programs which run through a route which covers the most beautiful destinations around the country.

Volunteer Opportunities

Join our movement and be a part of our group which stays united and help each other out to make the world a better place for each other.


Check out our travel programs because you do not need to learn to ride to be one of us. Join our adventures as a pillion and experience the thrill that we all get every day on our journeys.

If you have any other questions, About 2nd Annual Motorcycle Ride

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Cure For Childhood Cancer Programs

Our program helps the kids to find better facilities while they remain the strongest. Our tie-ups with one of the best hospitals in the country help us to help the children and run our programs proudly.

  • Camp Sunshine.

  • Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

  • Maine Children’s Cancer Program.

From Our Blog

“It has been a special journey for me with Patrick’s Pals so far. I feel proud to explore the unknowns of our country with a cause. I have dedicated my time for a noble cause and will continue to do so.”

June R. Campos , Supporter