If you are an avid biker and what to participate or experience the more fun and exciting biking events that will boost your adrenaline. We have gathered a list of top 10 global motorcycle events which can help you in your biking career.

Enduropale Le Touquet

This is all-time greatest biking event which saw its first racing in 1975. It is renounced to receive more than 1000 competitors, and more than 500,000 people come to witness this event in Stella and Merlimont, France. This race is not just for professionals but also for amateurs, which makes the race much more interesting.

Poags Hole Hillclimb

Poags Hole Hillclimb

This bike racing event is conducted in New York, United States. Players can come and easily register just by filling an online form. The race stands out as one has to climb the mountain, which is inclined, which makes it difficult even for the professionals. The individual racers are on a time trial, and a standard dirt bike does not make the cut.

Dirt Quake

A relatively new event which started in the year 2012 has been accepted worldwide as the events are very entertaining as the contestants bring in their bikes decorated inappropriately and dressed up in funny costumes.

Serres Rally

Serres Rally

This is Dakar Rally but for Amateurs but is still very difficult to win the event as the course involves 1700 km long race which spans for more than a week over very difficult terrain. The venue changes every year and amateurs are encouraged to take part in the event.

Australian Postie Bike Grand Prix

A postie bike is a concept where bikes which were created in the year 1980s to deliver posts are used where each team consists of two members who race all over Australia to win in the competition.

Royal Enfield Rider Mania

This is a dirt track race which as the name suggest can be done only in a Royal Enfield. This race happens annually in various parts of India.

Boarded Grasstrack

One riding even where riders actually have the danger of falling off a paddock is organized every year in Cornwall, the United Kingdom where the players have a grass track with wooden boards set up to help delimit the area.

Boarded Grasstrack


GNCC Powerline Park

This power-line park in Ohio, the United States where the park stretches about 1000 acres in size where the racing event takes place in the series, and people from all ages are allowed to participate.

Red Bull Alpenbrevet

This race is specially designed for Mopeds and is organized by the red bull in Grimsel Switzerland. This race is the same as Dirt quake, but the game is played for enjoyment rather than rivalry.

300 curves of Gustav Havel

This race is organized every year in the Czech Republic as the place has the right weather and surrounding for a perfect bike race.